pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Another Pandemonium Day

The fencer seems to have finished, so I went up last night to inspect his creation. It was not as designed... I had two gates into the hay field, one from the west pasture and one from the pasture behind the barn. He created one neat slanted entry for the pasture behind the barn, and added a third gate intersecting in the middle, no post to support the junction place, that gave access to the pond in the west pasture... but would not shut clear closed in the actual fence line where it would be supported. I studied it for a while, and was disappointed.

"Doubt that one will shed mares/stallions or stallion/stallion combinations..."

So I left Debut in the front yard of the old house instead of giving him back his pasture... and let Lyre and band come into the west pasture for ease of graining...

This morning, Lyre and his little group were behind the barn. The middle of the three gates was ajar. My best broodmare was sweated up, with a puncture on her forehead, a cut beside one eye, a 3" gash that was bleeding just below one ear, a 2" three corner tear on one hind leg... And Lyre was soaked, bit, but not cut and in a royal stew emotionally. Nobody would come eat their grain...

I caught Lyre and drug him to the back 40, locking his gate with a chain and a halter hooked around it , then tied a bowline in the lead rope for safe measure. (Did I mention that he is an escape artist extraordinar?)

I put Coqet and the two foals into a stall, where she finally began to eat, with Hum occasionally helping, but poor Debe would not even nibble.

So, I called the vet to sew what could be sewn and give the necessary shots, then went to work. Tonight, I will call the fencer and let him know what I think of the redesign, which totally ignores the fact that this is a WORKING BREEDING FARM... which needs safe fencing that really separates...

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