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November, 2002 - pandemo

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Here are the subjects of all posts by user pastedGraphic.pdfpandemo in November, 2002.

2nd 7:38a Red_Peace's List of Writing Resources - Character Names

3:05p Wow! I've Already Surprised Myself!

3:13p Be There

3rd 9:35a An "Alberto" Line?

10:18a Haunting All My Dreams (About Sequel)

6th 4:45p Research Locations For SEQUEL

11:44p Can't Keep From Editing...

7th 9:49p Watch What's On the Board - 3 replies

8th 11:05a Boy, Am I Ever Coming Out Noble - 5 replies

10th 12:17p It's Not Easy Being Green/Time's Fun When You're Catching Flies! - 1 reply

4:58p Don't I Wish!

8:15p You Can Click More Than One Answer

11:55p Bulwer-Lytton Contest Winners - 5 replies

11th 12:55a  End of Sunday Word Count

8:13a  From the Arabian Breeder's Feed Thread

13th 4:15p  Posted from NaNoWriMo Boards

14th 1:15a  Okay, Writers, Let's Fix That QUIZ on Writers!

16th 7:29p  The Values Test

8:20p  A Come-On To Buy the Report?

8:49p I Never Heard of This Before

17th 2:04a  How fares my NaNoWriMo Challenge attempt?

18th 10:43a  Didn't Find the Cat, BUT... - 11 replies

19th 6:31p  Not Sure WHAT This Means!

8:30p  And If You Live On a Horse Farm...

9:18p  Additions

20th 9:05p  What Major Romantic Poet Are You?

28th 7:11a  Thankful - 4 replies

29th 3:28a  Still Not Finished, But Over the Word Count - 8 replies

30th 2:38p  Awful Photo for the Description

December, 2002 - pandemo

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Here are the subjects of all posts by user pastedGraphic_1.pdfpandemo in December, 2002.

3rd 9:17p  Ahhhh....

5th 7:27a  I Love to Go A'Wandering (11/12/04; WC: 1142)

6th 9:32p  Green! Matches My Kermit The Frog Quiz! - 7 replies

7th 3:36p  Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?

8th 10:54a  For Those Who Have Not Befriended COOL

8:31p  Factoid for Sequel

11th 7:37p  Wanderlust - 2 replies

12th 8:36p  Very Punny... - 2 replies

8:58p  The Character's Name! -- for Mountain Lover - 2 replies

13th 5:39p  What I Did With the Tomato Quote

17th 6:53p  Personality

21st 8:45p  Still Doing My "Green" Thing - 3 replies

11:13p  For My Horsey Friends

22nd 10:59a  Christmas Horse Care

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