pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Turkey Dressing Misfire/Wednesday 9/23/15 Time/Temp/Weight

Cooked a turkey breast packed in very salty water (16% solution).  AFTER I had it cooking, I read the packaging it came in and noted that I was supposed to RINSE all that off and pat it dry, not treat it as though it was in its natural juices and make the dressing with it.  I really didn't need the pounds from eating the dressing, anyway.

I'm nearing 70 years old, and can honestly say, this is the first time I've made dressing *I* didn't like!

Wednesday 9/23/15 Time/Temp/Weight

7:00  223.42 # (old scale)  225.22 # (new scale) 75.2° (back bathroom) 66° (front porch)  partly cloudy
10:25  222.42 # (old scale)  224.82 # (new scale) 75.2° (back bathroom) 70.4° (front porch)  overcast
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